Wednesday, February 4, 2009


When it comes to Twitter I have multiple personality disorder. First I made a name just to talk about my daily life. Then I had to have one just for crafts. Then I had to have one for when I'm feeling naughty and I don't want my every day followers to know how kinky I am. Then I needed a metaphysical one for those zen moments. Then I made a few names for random moods. I had to have one for poetry, just poetry. And now I feel like I need one for comedy...would that be sit-down comedy? Oh, and my finger puppet has her own twitter. Almost forgot about that one.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Am I Acting Weird?

My boyfriend is jealous that my daughter can make me laugh more than he does. It's really starting to bug him. He's getting competitive about it. He shouldn't feel like he's failing. I'm just not that jovial of a person. I don't sit around cracking up at sit-coms. And shows like America's Funniest Videos often make me cringe when people get hurt. I start to wonder if they had to go to the hospital afterwards or if there were any long term effects from falling into the pool after being hit by a drunk swinging at a pinata.

I'm never really sure what I will laugh at. If I knew what would make me laugh, I suppose I would seek out more of it.

My boyfriend often says I'm in an odd mood or a weird mood. I can't tell when I'm in these so called weird moods and I have no idea how to stop acting weird and just act normal, whatever normal is. He's uncomfortable around me and I'm uncomfortable around him. It hasn't always been that way but I can't see it changing anytime soon.