Saturday, September 20, 2008

Family Tales

I totally enjoyed International Talk Like A Pirate Day yesterday even though I was all alone. It's always a good day to be a pirate.
Today we have errands to run, grocery shopping and all. My bf wants to go to four different grocery stores. I'm more of a 'one stop shopping' person. I get tired being dragged around from place to place. So much for the stereotype that women like to shop more than men.
I still haven't gotten up to Central CA to see my first grandchild. I'm trying to save the money for the trip, so of course I just got my business license bill for another $100. Ugh. I'm going up there anyway for a gig on Oct. 25, but it's hard to wait. I feel like everyone is seeing my grandson before I get too. I had planned to just catch the very next train up there, but then my bf and I had a fight about it and it sucked all my enthusiasm right out of me. He doesn't have children so he doesn't see what the big hubbub is all about.
Then a few days after I would have gone was that big train head-on collision in Chatsworth, so that made me feel a little funny about riding on the train. I guess the whole situation with my truck not being safe for long trips and family stuff and money stuff all just wears me out so I stick my head in the sand.
Speaking of which my truck was vandalized again. I got in it to drive to KFC last night and someone had written 'fukyou' on the driver's mirror. I think the poor spelling bothered me more than the act itself. Luckily it wasn't permanent marker like I thought. It rubbed off with a wet paper towel. But still. This neighborhood sucks.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Trains Collide in Chatsworth CA today

Local news is reporting a head on collision between a Metrolink commuter train and a freight train in Chatsworth today. I haven't been able to find any website entries on it yet so I'm just going to blog about it. At least 3 confirmed dead and many ambulances on scene. One of the passenger cars is laying on it's side as they rescue victims. At this point, the cause has yet to be determined. Weather is perfect today. Check your local news if you are in the area and have friends or family that might be involved.

Update. The news is now reporting 6 casualties. More news here:

My heartfelt wishes go out to the families of all involved.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Join Tagfoot While its still in BETA

Tagfoot is still in Beta Mode. I'm trying to figure out how to get you, my friend, onto the site. I think this link will do it. But I can't test it myself because I'm already a member. So if you are so inclined and want to get in on the ground floor, let me know if this does it. The site is free. And so far I'm having a blast.

YAY! My first grandson

I just called the hospital and my new and first grandson was born at 12:45 AM. 8lb. 14 oz. and 21". Sounds like everyone was too tired to call me and I woke up at 4 AM because no one had called me and finally gave in and called the hospital at 6 AM. I talked to my daughter. She was happy to tell me all about it, and was feeling lonely since all her helpers left after the delivery. She named the baby Hudson Hideo. I'm glad she didn't pick a boring name! Dad is Japanese so the middle name is also Japanese.

Still waiting

I woke up at 4 AM, still anxious to hear if my daughter has given birth yet. The problem is, everyone else who could call me probably doesn't want to wake me up. And I don't want to call them in case they are either in the middle of the delivery situation, or trying to catch a bit of shut eye so as to be rested when they are needed. So instead I've been watching youtube videos.

One thing that fascinates me at youtube is people can subcribe to you or just randomly comment on your videos, and they develop a certain expectation of you and can be even a bit demanding of what you should be doing with your own life and time. If they decide to unsubscribe they might even send you a poison pen 'email' telling you just why you are no longer worthy of their viewership. I think that's hysterical. Seriously, we don't owe them anything, either content wise, or production wise.

It is almost 5 AM and my tummy is growling at me. It's confused and doesn't know breakfast is still 3 hours away. If I lived alone I would just go cook breakfast. But I don't want to wake anyone up. I might just eat some cold leftovers.

If I do manage to go back to sleep, the phone will ring, because that's the way it goes.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Here Comes the Baby

My daughter's water just broke a week early so they will most likely induce labor. I haven't talked to her directly. She's a little busy.

I just signed up for Tagfoot. Come see all my links and comments and my wishlist.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Allergic to Mosquito Bites

The humidity has been so miserable all week. Last night about 9 PM I decided to sit on the cool front porch and read my Harry Potter book 'Phoenix'. Well, suddenly my right shoulder started to itch and I knew a nasty pesky mosquito had bitten me. But then behind my left heel began to itch, and then behind my right heel. So I started reading faster and faster trying to finish the last bit of the chapter. Suddenly I could take the itchiness no more and ran into the house. I had at least 7 mosquito bites by the time I sat on the couch. Two behind each heel, one on my back, one on my shoulder and one on my ankle. I immediately put topical Benadryl on them. Then I started breaking out in hives. So I grabbed another Benadryl pill and took that too.

It took the edge off and then the drowsiness of the Benadryl hit me. I remember laying down. At some point my boyfriend turned off the light and shut my door. I didn't wake up at all. Today I'm still drowsy. It won't be until about 6 PM that the effects of the Benadryl will wear off.
I hate that feeling. But it beats being covered in hives.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The Bun is Almost Done

As you can see on the baby ticker, my daughter's baby is due in about 2 weeks and the Dr. is already saying over 8 lbs! My first daughter was 10 lbs. 1 oz. The one having the baby was about 8 lbs. (don't remember exactly). It's going to be a boy. I was joking that she should call me Grandmama like on the Addam's Family. I do wish we didn't live 300 miles apart though.