Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Allergic to Mosquito Bites

The humidity has been so miserable all week. Last night about 9 PM I decided to sit on the cool front porch and read my Harry Potter book 'Phoenix'. Well, suddenly my right shoulder started to itch and I knew a nasty pesky mosquito had bitten me. But then behind my left heel began to itch, and then behind my right heel. So I started reading faster and faster trying to finish the last bit of the chapter. Suddenly I could take the itchiness no more and ran into the house. I had at least 7 mosquito bites by the time I sat on the couch. Two behind each heel, one on my back, one on my shoulder and one on my ankle. I immediately put topical Benadryl on them. Then I started breaking out in hives. So I grabbed another Benadryl pill and took that too.

It took the edge off and then the drowsiness of the Benadryl hit me. I remember laying down. At some point my boyfriend turned off the light and shut my door. I didn't wake up at all. Today I'm still drowsy. It won't be until about 6 PM that the effects of the Benadryl will wear off.
I hate that feeling. But it beats being covered in hives.

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