Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Keeping Goals Front and Center

Do you like to make goals? Do you have lots of lists? Do you remember from day to day just what your goals are? I thought I'd make a poster, and that way I'll keep my dreams at goals front and center in my mind. I used Adobe Photoshop, but use whatever version works for you.

Click on it to read the bigger version, unless your eyesight is better than mine is.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Build a Better Blog

The thing about blogging is you can always get better at it. I've changed so many things since I started to blog. And yet there is so much more to learn. And then social networking happened, which helped us all to reach a much larger audience. Most visitors don't comment so it's hard to get a feel for how many eyes see my words. A lot more than I may realize I bet. My friends has a blog and she's cute as a button. She gets so many comments and has so many sponsors. I'm guessing a good part of her income comes straight from blogging and affiliate ads. Just when I pat myself on the back for getting good at this, other people come along and pass me like I'm standing still, and she's one of them. I think every post she makes gets at least a dozen comments. It helps that she's drop dead gorgeous, but I think it also helps that her blog looks so appealing. Great big splashy pictures, a font that is big and easy to read, and buttons at the top to all kinds of social networking sites so you can share her posts. I don't even know how to build a page like that. I'm guessing she hired a professional website builder.

In the meantime I'll keep doing the best I can with my humble blogs.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

New Social Networking Site Zurker is in Beta

I just joined a new social networking site called Zurker which is in a beta stage and by invite only. Consider yourself invited. http://www.zurker.com/i-11420-ujevsbgryc They are offering vshares to their members. If the site takes off, we get to share in the profits, and wouldn't that be nice. I'm not holding my breath but by joining now, I think what if this thing takes off like Facebook and I'll be in on the ground floor. Other than that I don't know much about it. I'm crossing my fingers and joining.