Monday, May 11, 2009

Blog TV Experiment

I just signed up for Blogtv. So I'm going to see how this URL thing works.
Supposedly you can watch me while you are parked on my blog. If you can, or if you see me, leave me a comment if you please so I know it's working. Thanks.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

My Computer is Sick

One of my Etsy chatroom acquaintances introduced me to So I made my own broadcast that worked great the first night. The next night I was tweaking my profile and clicked on a button to put my broadcast in the proper category.

At that moment, my firewall exploded. I've got a doozy of a computer virus. Can't surf the Internet at all. If I open a page, the virus immediately hijacks it and tries to get me to buy some superpro antivirus program. Is that like a tire store slashing your tires to get you to buy new ones from them? I've run over 6 hours of virus scanners, which do find the threats and remove them, yet still when I reboot the pop-ups come back insisted my computer's been infected and I must try their program.

Now tons of people on are, so I have to think and hope mine is an isolated incident. I'm on a borrowed computer at the moment and he's forbidden me to go on that site because the last thing we need is another computer with a virus.

So if any of you know a fix, or have that issue, or know how to reach tech support for that company, please share the info in the comment. Thanks.

Trojan Fakespypro

Today was challenging to say the least. I just spent most of the evening trying to get rid of a trojan I picked up called trojan:win32/FakeSpypro. When I try to go to an URL a warning page comes up telling me to buy their product. It blocks me from opening the webpage.
This blogger page is the first page I've gotten to open all night. When I restarted my computer after a scan and deleting malicious files, the problem recurred so I didn't get it all off my computer. But it's 1 AM and I can't keep my eyes open so I'll have to try again tomorrow.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Kontera Vs Project Wonderful

I was quite content with my Kontera keywords existing hand in hand with my Project Wonderful ad squares. Until today when Project Wonderful deleted all my ads. Evidentally they take issue with having to compete with Kontera. I love the Project Wonderful format because I feel like I'm helping other small businesses have affordable advertising on blogs and websites. And it's definitely prettier and more creative in the way it displays on some of my blogs.

On the downside, I make more money (I think) from Kontera. I just got my first $100 check from Kontera a month ago. Right now my Project Wonderful account has about $20. in it. Granted half of that goes into the ads I run on other people's blogs. The advertising program pays for itself.

So my choice now is to take Kontera off some or all of my blogs and reapply to Project Wonderful. I'm still thinking about it. Eventually my Project Wonderful account will be empty as my paid ads will eat it up with no new revenue from people buying ads on my blog. What are the rest of you in this dilemma doing? I have a feeling PW just did a big sweep of blogs and a lot of people are in the same boat I am in.