Thursday, December 6, 2012

Getting a New Monitor Finally

My three hours at the library computer just flew by. I finally cracked and bought another computer monitor. My boyfriend was letting me share his, but what an enormous waste of time to have to wait every time I wanted to type something or edit photos or write an article.  Then he'd have to wait for me to use the Internet. So I found a sale online at Best Buy and spent my money. I've been trying to hold on to every dime, but realized I was being penny wise and pound foolish. If I can't work, I'm only making it harder and harder to earn money. My boyfriend had gotten used to the arrangement and didn't see why I'd need to get a monitor at all. So I know he will be mad even though it's my life, my career and my money. I can't just sit here and watch my life go by when I could be working each day on new articles and videos and blog posts that could lead to more work and income. I'll have to accept that he'll never understand that. I've worn myself out trying to convince him.

Here I am wearing a scarf I designed for a Youtube tutorial. I got paid to do it too. But I can't do this kind of work without access to a computer.