Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Japanese Dishes

I'm been through a lot lately and although the timing wasn't the best and I have more bills than I know what to do with, I finally broke down and bought some Japanese dishes. I've wanted some for years and I was tired of waiting. There never is the perfect time really. Now I can't wait to make some rice or miso soup or something so I can use them. And I've decided every time I go to that Japanese market I'm going to buy a dish or two. I only go there about two or three times a year so I'll just slowly add to my collection.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Midnight Woes

Most of the time I'm in my apartment. It is only rarely that the apartment is empty and neither of us are home. So why is it, when home issues arise, it happens when we are not here to fix them immediately?

We left to visit friends at 4:30 and got home at midnight. I'm walking down the hall barefooted and my feet are getting wet. Major portions of the rug are a soggy mess. Also, the bathroom off the master bedroom is flooded, as well as a section of bedroom carpeting.

After a bit of investigating, we notice the living room ceiling is wet. Therefore, we are guessing maybe the issue is in the apt. over us. So I go to knock on their door hoping they don't shoot me since it's after midnight.

Well, evidentally their toilet overflowed. And judging by the volume of water it must have overflowed for hours. Usually when a toilet overflows it's right after flushing, so how could they not know their toilet was overflowing and turn off the water? I don't get it.

So we've spent the last hour picking up anything on the floor that might wick up water, like stacks of art supplies and paintings and boxes of books and paperwork. Even my guitar case was wet so I had to take my guitar out of it. And if it happened hours ago, why didn't they call the landlord? If he has to replace the carpet, where will we put all the furniture and stuff so they can rip out the old carpet? I mean how sanitary is it to have water overflowed from a toilet soaked into all our rugs and the padding under it? Eww.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Meteor Shower

There is a lot of light pollution in Anaheim, but even so I was able to see five shooting stars tonight. They were all between the moon and the brightest planet. After half an hour I was too chilly to sit outside and the motion detector lights kept going on and off, which was annoying. But at least I got to experience the earth passing through the tail of a comet.