Monday, March 31, 2008

Going back to Soulcast

I went back to one of my old blogging haunts at Soulcast and saw the site much improved. I wrote a post about Moleskine and noticed the Stumble Upon button on the post and hit that, and within an hour I already had 112 hits. Holy Guacamole! The reason I left soulcast was no one was reading my stuff. I am so thrilled to see the potential of sites like Stumble Upon I've decided to give Soulcast another go. So here are my Soulcast blogs: Purple, Storyteller, and Butterscotch.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Wardrobe malfunctions

I just got back from a week long trip and went to wash my clothes yesterday. As I was putting my vest into the wash, I thought, "I should check for things in the pocket." But then I remembered I had already checked them before tossing them in the wash.

So last night I put them in the dryer.
Today I took them out to find they were covered with blue blobs, splotches, dots, and measles. I had washed and dried a blue ink pen and a sharpie marker with my clothes. Now what? Somehow random blue spots don't look all that great on a red floral skirt. This is even worse than washing a red shirt with your white items. Most of the stuff in my wash was already red or pink or black.
I guess I may be using those new sewing patterns I bought a lot sooner than I had planned.
At least with the sweatshirt, I can spritz it with other colors to give it kind of a Grateful Dead look.

Friday, March 21, 2008

My train trip to Goleta

At the Santa Barbara station the train was delayed because they were trying to reunite some lady with her missing purse.
There was this doofus teenage guy that hopped off the train to have a smoke in Santa Barbara. A few minutes later I see him back on the train. He was walking by the open doors between two conductors. One of them says to him, "This is the Santa Barbara station here. We are pulling out so if this is your stop you better get off."
Instead the kid turns to go back upstairs. So they say, "Where are you going?" And he says, "All my bags are still upstairs." So he goes racing up the stairs, comes back in a minute, and hops off. And the conductor shut the door and off we went. So either that kid would have ended up in Goleta with his bags, or if the train left while he was smoking he would have been left in S.B. without his luggage.
The only reason we were in S.B. still was because of that lady and the purse, other wise that kid would have be SOL.

My daughter and her hubby and I had lunch at a beachfront restaurant in Goleta called the Beach Bar. Both he and I had shrimp quesidillas. They came with a big glob of fresh guacamole and sour cream, and a corn veggie mixture. It was excellent...very shrimpy tasting. I bet you'd like some of the spicier items on their menu. The average entree there is about $13.00. Ours was $10. I think. My daughter had clam chowder and bread.
Then we strolled the beach. This guy was using the shower to rinse off, and the ducks were playing in it with him. And I got a piece of driftwood that looks like a phallis. I wasn't gonna say that outloud but my daughter did. I figure I can sand it and carve something on it.
Then there was a couple making out on the beach with the guy's laptop sitting next to him. Now that's what I call a day at the office. They about got tangled up in 2 scotties that ran up the beach and tried to jump over them. HA.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

And Then Breakfast Got Weird

This morning I took my library book Blogging For Dummies to breakfast. I'm not new to blogging but I thought I could pick up some tips from his book. I was reading it at McDonald's and got up to refill my drink when the local seniors club evidently spotted the title and by the time I got back this blowhard was spouting off about how blogging and chatrooms were for people with too much time on their hands and a bunch of crap anyways. The whole group is discussing it loudly from the three tables around me, so finally I'd had enough and said "Do you mind? After that we had some witty banter where he basically told me what a loser I was, so I went back to reading. Then another man who was directly behind me apologized on his way out for his loud mouthed friend. I told him, "I can't believe you actually hang out with that guy.

Well soon, and not too soon for me, mr. loudmouth and his merry gang of opinionated bigots got up and left, but not before I heard the N word a few times about the N that was running for President. So chalk it up to a very interesting and weird breakfast.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Going on a little trip.

I'm getting all excited about a train trip I'm taking on Thurs. I'm going up to San Luis Obispo to paint faces at a company picnic on Sat. I wish someone would hire me to do that every weekend. I love it. And I get to paint faces with both of my daughters and another person I haven't met yet. I already dug out my bunny ears to wear. I'm going to take the train to Goleta and meet up with my daughter and hubby for lunch, then it's off to Atascadero so he can study for finals. Then Friday I get to play tourist, Sat. I'm doing the gig, Sunday is Easter (Ostera) and Mon. I'll come home on the train most likely. The trick is to not spend all my earnings before I get home again.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Mr Crabworthy gets a new home.

My hermit crab has been in the same ole shell for at least 3 years. So I bought $20 worth of hermit crab shells for him, and he did try one on, but it wasn't to his liking. So, I bought him a bigger one at Michael's. Well, it was way too big and he never gave it a second glance.

Then today I was watering the back yard and my eye happened upon some bleached out snail shells I got from an asian buffet last year. They used to be bands of green, but now they are white as snow. I noticed it was similar in shape to Mr. Crabworthy's old shell. First I gave it a good washing. Then I set it by the water dish this afternoon. He actually moved away from it when I set it down, so I figured that was that.

Then tonight when I went in the front room my boyfriend says non-chalantly, 'by the way your hermit crab changed his shell'. He's been in it a few hours now and I hope he sticks with it. He really is too big for the old one. I didn't take a photo because I sure don't want to startle him and make him leave his shell. Maybe in a few days if all goes well I will take one.

I got off my Can and took in my Cans

I just recycled $23 worth of aluminum cans, plastic bottles and glass. Considering some of the yarn I use is made from recycled bottles, I am happy to keep a good thing going.

And I'm very happy that the new recycling trailer is open 7 days a week. I can't count the times I've gone over there to find them closed when it was owned by someone else.

This one is in the Food4Less parking lot on Beach and Lincoln in Anaheim, CA. And they pay cash, not the vouchers that you have to go stand in line at the grocery store to redeem. Less time standing in line makes me happy. And no risk of the slip expiring like those stupid vouchers.

Friday, March 7, 2008

Thank you Pete Seeger

Today I kept my promise to myself, and not only played guitar outside, I even sang for the kid upstairs. I notice she hung around for the whole song. That is a huge step for me. I haven't sung in public in years. Took some new photos too.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Where have all the flowers gone.

I very much enjoyed watching a Pete Seeger documentary on public television tonight. His heart was always in the right place and he was treated like garbage by the US Govt. in his day. All he ever wanted was for the rest of the world to sing with him. More time singing and less time killing each other. Sounds like a pretty timeless message to me.

It's midnight now, but tomorrow I'm going to play my guitar for sure.
What blew my mind was when Arlo Guthrie came on to talk about Pete Seeger and Arlo had long wavy silver hair! I didn't recognize him at all. Good thing they had a caption.