Friday, March 21, 2008

My train trip to Goleta

At the Santa Barbara station the train was delayed because they were trying to reunite some lady with her missing purse.
There was this doofus teenage guy that hopped off the train to have a smoke in Santa Barbara. A few minutes later I see him back on the train. He was walking by the open doors between two conductors. One of them says to him, "This is the Santa Barbara station here. We are pulling out so if this is your stop you better get off."
Instead the kid turns to go back upstairs. So they say, "Where are you going?" And he says, "All my bags are still upstairs." So he goes racing up the stairs, comes back in a minute, and hops off. And the conductor shut the door and off we went. So either that kid would have ended up in Goleta with his bags, or if the train left while he was smoking he would have been left in S.B. without his luggage.
The only reason we were in S.B. still was because of that lady and the purse, other wise that kid would have be SOL.

My daughter and her hubby and I had lunch at a beachfront restaurant in Goleta called the Beach Bar. Both he and I had shrimp quesidillas. They came with a big glob of fresh guacamole and sour cream, and a corn veggie mixture. It was excellent...very shrimpy tasting. I bet you'd like some of the spicier items on their menu. The average entree there is about $13.00. Ours was $10. I think. My daughter had clam chowder and bread.
Then we strolled the beach. This guy was using the shower to rinse off, and the ducks were playing in it with him. And I got a piece of driftwood that looks like a phallis. I wasn't gonna say that outloud but my daughter did. I figure I can sand it and carve something on it.
Then there was a couple making out on the beach with the guy's laptop sitting next to him. Now that's what I call a day at the office. They about got tangled up in 2 scotties that ran up the beach and tried to jump over them. HA.

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