Monday, March 14, 2011

I Miss Camping

It is hard to focus on reaching goals when I'm not in good health. I'm going back to the Dr. on Wed. for my monthly check-up. He never seems to be able to help me much though.

Despite it all, I'm still taking a stab at making each day matter. I'm continuing on with art projects, making a little progress each day. It's humbling to have big dreams and have no chance at making them come true. I'm going to miss my favorite archery event for the second year in a row because my body doesn't do well camping. I wake up so many times during the night, that I'm too tired in the daytime to even enjoy the camping event. Most of the time I end up sleeping sitting up in the truck before the night is through. An archery event isn't much fun when you can't go hiking and shooting. My friends are going to be there and I feel really sad that I'm missing out. After the Gene Foster shoot I pretty much decided that my camping days are behind me unless we can get a camper some day. And with current finances, that's not going to be any day soon.

Right now I'm updating my online articles. Google Adsense changed their algorithms again and Hubpages took a big hit in traffic. I think my views were down 20%. Everyone keeps saying we'll bounce back as Adsense works on eliminating content farms. The problem is this go around they threw the baby out with the bath water. Just in the nick of time Hubpages implemented their own ad servers, and I was selected as one of the writers to test out the beta program. As is typical in my life whenever I gain an income source I lose an income source so it's hard to get anywhere.

Fencers at an SCA event I was at on Saturday.
I'd best get back to work. I can't complain that I have no income if I'm not even trying to earn any, now can I?