Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Idealism V Perfection

Pause for a moment to ponder the difference between idealism and perfectionism, because the first opens up the world to amazing possibilities, and the second is a coffin on a dead end street.

I am perhaps the queen of imperfection. I read all the Nancy Drew books as a child too and some of them as an adult.I feel like all the books have the underlying thread that Nancy is the thin hot chick and Bess is somehow the fat frumpy and none too bright one. What a horrid message to send to girls everywhere.

When I see a mistake in my paintings, I deliberately make it bigger and bolder. It adds so much life to what could have been an overly thought out perfectionist bit of blandness.

Better to dance an imperfect dance than never dance at all.

In my idealistic world, women love each other even if some of us are fat and lumpy. Kinkaid paintings get collaged over by Picasso's and Dali's. Hand puppets do politically incorrect things. I'd be bored to tears in a perfect world.

Ghandi was an Idealist. Martha Stewart is a perfectionist.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

I predicted today's Quake

About 30 minutes ago I heard that warning Emergency broadcast tv thing beeping in the living room and my first thought was LA area earthquake. So I ran in there. But it was just one of those stupid practice warnings.

Then we really did have a quake. I dove next to my bed, and both cats were right with me. Rocky made it under the bed first, and I tucked wallop in my arms and we waited it out.

When I went in the living room the water was sloshing in the aquarium. I checked on the neighbors and they had run outside.
5.8 in Chino Hills CA.

Just heard from my boyfriend. His office building in Santa Ana was evacuated. All okay now.

Damage reports from the epicenter are sure to follow. Tune in to your local news stations if you are in the LA area.

Map of Chino Hills, CA.

Update: My dad always said that people act like idiots during earthquakes. Sure enough the only injury report I heard so far was when some people running out of a building trampled each other.

Also, everyone they interviewed said they dove under a desk, or ran outside, two things you are NOT supposed to do. Don't people watch those 'triangle zone' info shows?
See #1 and #6. People who rely on antiquated information will die. Memorize this, it could save your life.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Stop Reading and Go Do

Yesterday I was chatting to a person in the Etsy chatroom. And it became obvious that he's very enamored with new age self-help books. So he kept telling me, "You should go read this book and you should go read that book." I kept saying I already read that (most of them I read years ago). Finally I told him don't be a baby bird sitting in the nest all your life, go out and fly. He didn't understand what I meant at all. I meant that though reading can be a wonderful thing, it is no substitute for living your life. You come of an age where you need to switch roles and become the mentor and the teacher and the writer.
Case in point I asked him if he wanted to see my psycho telekinesis video where I'm doing fork bending. So he starts going on and on about Uri Geller and how he's a psychic who now works for the FBI. The other person in the room asked what we were talking about and he says, "She's talking about Uri Geller." And I said, "No, I'm talking about me and my fork bending video." Evidently I don't exist because I haven't written a book on it and I don't work for the FBI. Shrugs. I think we forget that authors are people too and while books are important, at some point we have to put them down and go apply the knowledge. Otherwise we become like the guy in the chatroom that has a booklist as long as his arm and no life experience.

Friday, July 18, 2008


I woke up to the romantic phrase," You might want to get up. A swat team in full attire just went to the apartment upstairs."

Did I mention I hate this neighborhood?

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Zenchantress and Pigglewiggins

My life is so multileveled and complex it drives me half crazy. I built a youtube account for my hypnosis clients called Zenchantress, and proceeded to fill it, not with hypnosis videos, but with arts and craft videos, which really should be under my ETSY shop name pigglewiggins. So today I made a new youtube account called Pigglewiggins so once again I could keep my art life seperate from my hypnosis life. But it's not so easy because I have my craft videos on various art sites so I can't just delete the craft videos from Zenchantress. Nothing is ever easy is it?

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Things I've written.

I just found out my Hubs on are viewed about 600 times a day. That amazes me. Maybe I really should write a book. Here's my profile:

I write on all kinds of topics from metaphysics to feminism to craft tutorials. I'm sure you can find something in my over 200 articles that interests you. Plus it's not just writing. Most of them also have video links, RSS feeds, photos, comments and videos that enhance the content.

I ain't your mama

I am sooooooooooo feeling this video. Love the pink tools too. Every man needs to watch this to save their relationships.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Spirit has been telling me

In fact spirit has been rubbing my nose in this to the point where I finally had to look it up on Google. What is Steampunk and why does that term keep crossing my path. Well, boys and girls, it turns out I've always loved Steampunk, I just never knew there was a name for it. So read this if you don't know either It's like wandering into a strange village and then realizing you belonged there all along. Like the ugly duckling that finally realized it was a swan after all.

Its All Good

Its All Good

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Manifest IT

Just yesterday I was down to two whole dollars in my paypal account. I manifested 3 desires in a random way. One was that I needed money to get a train ticket for my daughter's baby shower. Two was that I wanted to go to the SLO Ren faire and connect with old friends. Three was that I needed 'not just enough money to get by on, but enough to really enjoy a fruitful life'. So this morning I rolled out of bed all groggy like, and the phone rings. It's my ex offering me a face painting gig by my daughter's house, a day before the Ren faire, and with enough pay to cover the trip, a place to stay and transportation to the event. Wow! Thank you Goddess!

Good News on the Psychic Front

An internet friend told me his wife lost her glasses. So I told him I could see them under a bed. Well, no glasses. Now, months later he tells me they are moving furniture to make a guest room, and voila, under the bed in the spare room are her glasses. She never looked under THAT bed. Haha. Glad he let me know I was right. It's good for the ole ego.