Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Idealism V Perfection

Pause for a moment to ponder the difference between idealism and perfectionism, because the first opens up the world to amazing possibilities, and the second is a coffin on a dead end street.

I am perhaps the queen of imperfection. I read all the Nancy Drew books as a child too and some of them as an adult.I feel like all the books have the underlying thread that Nancy is the thin hot chick and Bess is somehow the fat frumpy and none too bright one. What a horrid message to send to girls everywhere.

When I see a mistake in my paintings, I deliberately make it bigger and bolder. It adds so much life to what could have been an overly thought out perfectionist bit of blandness.

Better to dance an imperfect dance than never dance at all.

In my idealistic world, women love each other even if some of us are fat and lumpy. Kinkaid paintings get collaged over by Picasso's and Dali's. Hand puppets do politically incorrect things. I'd be bored to tears in a perfect world.

Ghandi was an Idealist. Martha Stewart is a perfectionist.

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