Tuesday, April 3, 2012

It Would Have Been 31 Years

My youngest daughter and her dog Gabby
This year I suddenly realized that for once, when my wedding anniversary came and went, I didn't notice it. Then I realized, oh yeah, it's tomorrow. I was married 16 years, then I got divorced.  I always feel a little twinge of sorrow and sadness when what would have been my wedding anniversary rolls around.  I got married when I was 23, when life was full of hope and possibilities. I was soon blessed with 2 amazing daughters. I'd say the first 7 years of my marriage were fabulous, and then the slow demise downhill started. The reasons for splitting up were many and complex. But you can only struggle so long against a losing battle and still hang on to your soul.

My oldest daughter and her son.
Both of my daughters are married now. I wish them great success with that.