Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Build a Better Blog

The thing about blogging is you can always get better at it. I've changed so many things since I started to blog. And yet there is so much more to learn. And then social networking happened, which helped us all to reach a much larger audience. Most visitors don't comment so it's hard to get a feel for how many eyes see my words. A lot more than I may realize I bet. My friends has a blog and she's cute as a button. She gets so many comments and has so many sponsors. I'm guessing a good part of her income comes straight from blogging and affiliate ads. Just when I pat myself on the back for getting good at this, other people come along and pass me like I'm standing still, and she's one of them. I think every post she makes gets at least a dozen comments. It helps that she's drop dead gorgeous, but I think it also helps that her blog looks so appealing. Great big splashy pictures, a font that is big and easy to read, and buttons at the top to all kinds of social networking sites so you can share her posts. I don't even know how to build a page like that. I'm guessing she hired a professional website builder.

In the meantime I'll keep doing the best I can with my humble blogs.

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