Saturday, September 20, 2008

Family Tales

I totally enjoyed International Talk Like A Pirate Day yesterday even though I was all alone. It's always a good day to be a pirate.
Today we have errands to run, grocery shopping and all. My bf wants to go to four different grocery stores. I'm more of a 'one stop shopping' person. I get tired being dragged around from place to place. So much for the stereotype that women like to shop more than men.
I still haven't gotten up to Central CA to see my first grandchild. I'm trying to save the money for the trip, so of course I just got my business license bill for another $100. Ugh. I'm going up there anyway for a gig on Oct. 25, but it's hard to wait. I feel like everyone is seeing my grandson before I get too. I had planned to just catch the very next train up there, but then my bf and I had a fight about it and it sucked all my enthusiasm right out of me. He doesn't have children so he doesn't see what the big hubbub is all about.
Then a few days after I would have gone was that big train head-on collision in Chatsworth, so that made me feel a little funny about riding on the train. I guess the whole situation with my truck not being safe for long trips and family stuff and money stuff all just wears me out so I stick my head in the sand.
Speaking of which my truck was vandalized again. I got in it to drive to KFC last night and someone had written 'fukyou' on the driver's mirror. I think the poor spelling bothered me more than the act itself. Luckily it wasn't permanent marker like I thought. It rubbed off with a wet paper towel. But still. This neighborhood sucks.

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