Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Still waiting

I woke up at 4 AM, still anxious to hear if my daughter has given birth yet. The problem is, everyone else who could call me probably doesn't want to wake me up. And I don't want to call them in case they are either in the middle of the delivery situation, or trying to catch a bit of shut eye so as to be rested when they are needed. So instead I've been watching youtube videos.

One thing that fascinates me at youtube is people can subcribe to you or just randomly comment on your videos, and they develop a certain expectation of you and can be even a bit demanding of what you should be doing with your own life and time. If they decide to unsubscribe they might even send you a poison pen 'email' telling you just why you are no longer worthy of their viewership. I think that's hysterical. Seriously, we don't owe them anything, either content wise, or production wise.

It is almost 5 AM and my tummy is growling at me. It's confused and doesn't know breakfast is still 3 hours away. If I lived alone I would just go cook breakfast. But I don't want to wake anyone up. I might just eat some cold leftovers.

If I do manage to go back to sleep, the phone will ring, because that's the way it goes.

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