Sunday, July 25, 2010

The Computer Saga or Things That Make You Want to Scream

Some time ago my best computer took a nose dive. So my boyfriend takes it to a friend to fix it. Turns out the motherboard is fried and it needs a new power source. It takes a few weeks to find that out and get the parts and all. So we keep emailing the guy trying to arrange for a pick up. He's evidentally fallen off the face of the earth and is returning neither phone calls or messages. Meanwhile I'm limping along with the loaner. So weeks pass, and then months. I won't go into detail about how not having that computer is costimg me both friendships and money. I kept trying to get my boyfriend to talk to his friend, but he didn't want to bug the guy or lose his friend. So a year passes. Still no word. Then about 8 months later, my boyfriend's computer goes belly up. And mine is out of memory. So we were really close to not having a computer at all, and since we both earn our livings on the Internet, things were not looking good.

So he emails the very same guy. And the guy responds and says, "Let's get together Sunday."

Fast forward to Sunday. My boyfriend takes his hard drive over there and is gone all day. Turns out it was dead, and the guy hooks him up with a new one. So in one afternoon he gets a computer again, and I've been waiting almost 2 years. In that time the man and his wife have bought a house and moved to another city.

So finally we discuss my computer. He says, "I told him about your computer and he said he gave it back ages ago." NOT. "He said he'd look around for it". I'm thinking this guy has moved, so who knows if he sold it, trashed it, gave it away or stuck it in storage.
I'm out the computer, the money we gave him for parts, and I'm none too happy about the whole slipshod ordeal.

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