Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Some moods are hard to shake

I've been in a strange funk. Sometimes I just need to get away from the Internet for a while. It's hard when I have daily blogs and I'm in no mood to write. I don't think anyone really notices when I don't post daily but I know. I often wonder if the cost of being an artist is worth it. I can't even afford to drive to craft fairs anymore and I'm tired of paying for a business license each year when I don't even sell anything in Anaheim. Like most artists I hate marketing, taxes, rules & regulations and all the malarkey that goes with running a business. But the thought of punching a time clock isn't going to make me happy either. I feel like I'm in a no win situation.
I was hoping to make a decent broadcast on, but I just don't have enough geek in me to get all the bells and whistles that go into making a cam stream that people will actually show up for on a daily basis. And when I do finally get a few visitors to my chatroom, that is just about the time the system freezes up (not that it freezes up on any other ustream users that I met). For some reason I can't figure out, it freezes about every 20 minutes, just when I get the room off the ground. Of course when I reboot and come back everyone is gone. So I wrote to tech support after Walt Ribeiro assured us that the ustream staff was excellent at working out bugs for their members. Well, maybe he had great experience with them but I emailed asking for help days ago and haven't heard a word from them. So I started my cam today, got frustrated with the poor quality, and when someone did come it, the whole thing crashed.
Right now I'm suppose to relax and go to bed for the night and I'm all frustrated again. Also, I need to lose weight so I've given up my nightly dessert. So here's a virtual dessert. It's all I'm getting tonight.

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