Saturday, June 28, 2008

Things I love

Things I love in no particular order:

Literati, stretch velour, sock monkeys, fistfuls of polished gems, mobiles, tricorn hats, kites, pinatas, Johnny Depp, dangly earrings, obedient minions, unexpected cash, most forms of belly dancing, rhinestone pins, onyx figurines, carved wood, SCA tokens, hand struck coins, casting pewter, silk dyeing, bread dough art, Mr. Bill, Swarovski crystals, spirals, wrought iron, black lace, ornate pocketwatches, fishnet stockings, fans, parasols, opera gloves, granny boots, shell buttons, seashells, sea glass, rubber stamps, watercolors, pepperoni pizza, houseplants, propogation, botany, marcasite, poison rings, flintknapped daggers, throwing knives, schlaggers, long bows, wooden arrows, dance studios, new juggling equipment, people that support the arts, my paypal tip jar, old-fashioned quilts, tiddly winks, jacks, folk art grumpy dolls, copper jewelry, crystal balls, spheres, corsets, doves, swans, boa constrictors, legal pads,feathers, silk flags and banners, Rennie boots, pumpkin pie, long legs, redheads, homemade bread, brownies, fudge, roses, gardenias, pansies,

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