Monday, July 6, 2009

Blogging is Getting So Complicated

I am missing the days when you could just set up a blog and start posting away.

A few months ago Project Wonderful killed all my ads because they didn't want to be on the blog if I had Kontera, so I removed Kontera and reapplied. Then they turned me down again on my busiest blog. When I got to the nuts and bolts of why, it's because of the disclosure statement at the bottom of my blogs that I added a few days ago because Google Adsense kept asking us (I thought) to add some kind of disclosure statement. The PW people said it looks like I'm accepting paid sponsorship so that's incompatible with their program, but now I'm really confused because Project Wonderful is a form of paid compensation, so wouldn't they want the disclaimer on here? I've written to them for the fourth time this morning trying to clarify. Google said it would affect how my blogs show up in search engines if I don't add a disclaimer. I'm not a lawyer. Are the rest of you as confused as I am?

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