Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Complicated Potato Salad

This has been the trickiest potato salad I ever made. One night I boiled the potatoes but before they were done, my bf decided to make something else for dinner. So I cubed the cooked potatoes and put them in the fridge.

The next night we were both too tired to make it, but he wanted eggs in his. To me a potato salad is about the potatoes, and at most I would have put four or five in there. So after I was in bed last night he tells me he boiled some eggs for the salad tomorrow.

So today I go to make this potato salad finally, and he boiled 11 eggs. Eleven! I guess he wants a few potatoes in his egg salad. Now he hates peeling eggs, so I'm more than happy to do it. So I go to peel the eggs. I notice ice in the bottom of the bowl. So I start peeling and in 7 out of 11 eggs, there is a sheet of ice under the shell. I'm guessing you can't use frozen eggs in potato salad. So he's either going to have to live with 4 eggs in his potato salad or I'm going to have to boil more eggs. I've grown weary of the whole potato salad drama.

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