Sunday, July 15, 2012

My Body is On Vacation But My Mind Isn't

I don't know what's wrong with me.  I'm really antsy and frustrated.  I'm on vacation and I should be having fun, right?  I woke up on the wrong side of the bed I guess. I'm sore from my trip, sore from working yesterday.  I had a nightmare that I'd been kidnapped by four men.  They had me holed up in some little old lady's house that was full of antiques and cats. I couldn't even figure out why they kidnapped me because I wasn't worthy of ransom and didn't know any secrets worth telling.  When they would question me I started to get a nervous twitch. Then I woke up.

After that I got a bad back ache and a headache. I couldn't borrow a computer and that frustrated me. Then when I did get on to check my email I'd gotten my State Board of Equalization notice that yearly sales tax was due, and I know that's going to eat at me until I get home, even though I don't owe much (if anything) as sales have been terrible since the economy crashed.  I don't sell much merchandise anyway as most of my income comes from writing or performing or service related work. When I sell stuff on Etsy, it's never to someone in CA, so there is no CA sales tax due. But anything with the word 'tax' tied to it or 'government' tied to it raises my anxiety level.

I can't just seem to tune it all out and enjoy the beautiful oak trees and the blue jays in the trees.
I feel like the clock is ticking as I run out of money with no relief in site. 

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