Thursday, December 12, 2013

Almost Winter in Lucerne Valley California

Winter has arrived early in Lucerne Valley, CA. For the past 3 nights, the water has frozen in the hoses and the bird water buckets. I've had to wear layers to bed, as well as five blankets. Last night my boyfriend figured out how to make a hot water bottle.

I still miss the city life. But I also appreciate the giant yard we have and the lack of traffic. We live on a dirt road. We never have to sit in traffic, unless we drive to a bigger town. Compared to spending hours on the 405 or 5 or 22 FWY, it's a blessing. Everywhere you live has pros and cons. I guess I want the best of both worlds.

It looks like soon I'll have a ride to Rancho Cucamunga fairly regularly, at least until Feb. Then I'll have a ride into town more often if I need to visit a craft store. I've really missed having a local craft store. The Lucerne Market carries a few items if I get in a pinch, but it's no Michael's. Of course if I get a ride to town, I won't get a ride home for 4 or 5 hours. But I can take my knitting or a sketchbook or a journal or a book. I'm good at entertaining myself. In fact sometimes I get more done if I'm not at home.

Beautiful view from my backyard.

Every day I'm frustrated because I feel like I should be doing more with my life. It's almost 2 AM and I'm blogging, mainly because I haven't written anything all day.
Checking out the weather.
Frozen birdbath.
Saving wood for a chicken coop.

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