Thursday, January 1, 2015

For The Joy of It

Last night as I tried to sleep I focused on things that bring me joy. So today I've continued my mental list and decided it is time to write it down.

Memories from childhood: playing jacks, learning Chinese jump rope, Cat's cradle, tiddly winks and caroms. Oh and marbles. To this day I still love marbles. Getting a blue two wheeler for my 7th birthday and riding it all over Sandia Air Force Base in New Mexico

Memories of homeschooling two girls: Dress up days as princesses or fairies and photo shoots.
Kite flying at the beach. Going to children's museums.  Science experiments with bubbles and leaves.
Learning to draw and paint. Lucky the rabbit.

The dogs: Lolly, Margo, Gypsy, Ginger and Boo-boo

The cats: Sylvester, Inky-Dinky, Harlequin, Puff, Tigger, Crispy Critters

Our first snow of winter came on New Year's Eve.

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Anonymous said...

How did I not know you wrote a blog?? Do you post to FB? (Princess Rosebud)