Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Going to an archery event.

I'm going to a four day archery event tomorrow. And I'm really torn as to what to take. Which projects do I want to work on? Which ones are too much trouble to bother with? If I take too many will it interfer with the time I want to spend interacting with others? It's a social event and if I'm not careful I'll spend the whole time with my nose buried in various tasks. There will be opportunities to learn new things too, but I'm always too shy just to come right out and say, "Teach me to do this." I mean I don't want to usurp someone else's time. So then everyone else comes home having learned something new, and I haven't. I know I should be more proactive but it's just not my nature. And the people in the group that are experts are always super busy helping other people. They barely have time to do their own projects.
I really want to take my guitar, but then again, do I really want other people to hear how much I suck at it? And what about my juggling equipment? My hula hoop? There is only so much space in the truck and most of it will be taken with inventory, tent, tables, a canopy, sleeping bags, and so forth.

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