Monday, August 25, 2008

4 am is too early for me

I was so overstimulated from learning new skills with a Laguna artist that I literally woke up at 4 AM because my dreams were so intrusive and I kept dreaming I was still at the shop carving away. It's like my mind was still carving while my body was supposed to be sleeping. Then I woke up and realized my hand was really sore from spending 2 days straight carving. I'm glad I quit when I did yesterday. I told the teacher I had to stop as I was getting blisters and he said 'put tape over them'. Which I didn't do. I kinda know my limits and clearly I should have stopped sooner. So I took some Ibuprophen and now it's 5 AM and I'm heading back to bed. I'm exhausted.

Then no doubt my boyfriend will wake me up at 8:30 AM thinking I'm just a lazy bum sleeping in late.

I hopped into Etsy chat waiting for the Ibuprophen to work and a lady in there had gotten up at 3 AM just because she loves morning. But she has to go to bed at 8 PM to pull that off. I'd rather be shot than get up at 3 AM each morning. Plus those early risers seem to be on an intravenous coffee drip and that can't be good for you.

Horse sculpture by David Brunetta.

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