Friday, December 5, 2014

Craft Shopping Spree

Sometimes it is hard for me to just let go and enjoy myself. Every time I buy ANYTHING I feel guilty and it sucks the fun out of it. It's a catch 22 where I need things to make art and feed my creative soul, and then I feel horribly guilty afterwards. I vacillate between these two extremes and it isn't fun at all. I do shop the sales through and that eases the guilt a little. I just sold a T-shirt I'd designed on Zazzle too and that helps.

You know my boyfriend's mom died unexpectedly and suddenly, so when I am teetering between buying something I want but don't need, I remember her. If I postpone pleasure day after day, year after  year, I may not get another chance to get those things while I'm still in sound mind and body to use them. So I've set myself up to feel bad when I do buy something and also to feel bad when I don't.

I don't wear crosses, I wear ankhs. And I rarely run across them in ordinary stores.
So when I saw this one for half off I had to get it.

Beads, thread and hook for a snood.

Eyes for a bunny I'm knitting.

I'd like to get back into making sock monkeys again, and this book has other sock animals and dolls too.
I couldn't resist.

If I'm going to get the book it only makes sense to get the socks.

Since I was going to be in the mall all day, I bought a sketchbook to come up with new embroidery designs.
I could have brought one from home, but I didn't think of that until I was away from home.

Weaving needles. I put off buying them the last 3 times I went to the store.
This time I just bought the stupid things.

I've been waiting a month for this yarn to go on sale so I could knit a sweater.
I had to get five of them and I'm still not sure that will be enough.

I'd shop a lot less if I wasn't multi-talented. Like if I only knitted. Or I only made jewelry. I envy my friends that only make one thing. I'm just not wired that way though.

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