Thursday, December 11, 2014

Wish I Would Get Well

I stayed home sick today. For most of the day I felt somewhat better, but now  my throat is so raw. I'm going to take something for the pain and swelling and then lay down and hope I can sleep at least a few hours.

I watched the movie Mermaid with Cher in an effort to take my mind off of things. I'd forgotten the plot so it was like watching it anew. My lover made sure I was well taken care of before he went to bed for the night. He made me tea with honey. He did what he could. Earlier we covered the chicken coop with a tarp and put things away that could be damaged by the rain that is expected. I did hear some wind gusts so I think things are picking up out there. Just hope the rain doesn't wake me up. I really need my sleep.

This was taken last Saturday before I got sick.

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