Sunday, December 21, 2008

Zenchantress Today

Today someone invited me to a new blogging site where at least for the first 30 days they will pay me $1. a day to blog. So I got approved in one day even though it says it will take much longer. And I've already made my first two posts. I think bloggers should be paid and I am gradually dropping the sites that don't pay anything so I don't spread myself too thin on the non-paying sites. For example I almost never blog on Yahoo360 anymore. I think I'm also going to start striving to make each blog post 100 words or more in length so that people coming to my site feel like they haven't wasted their time. That is about 10 lines with 10 words per line.

And by the way, Wondrous Winter Solstice everyone. I hope you got to make a snow angel or throw a snowball or at least light a green candle today.

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