Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Daily Muse: Trying to Focus

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Date: 10/28/14 8 A.M. The full sun has yet to hit the valley. It's so pretty out.

Mood: Tired of being tired.

Eats: Thinking of making raspberry tarts.

Fitness: I coughed a lot last night. Not sure I'm up to exercising.

Musing:  I need to go to pottery today. I missed a week because the studio was closed for remodeling. Then I missed another week because of the car accident. If I don't go back soon, I may not go back at all.

Reading: I started reading Night Myst which is also by Yasmine Galenorn, only it is a different vampire series.
Fashion Update:  I need to make a nice winter hat to wear.

Fun Fact about me: I love calico cats.

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Quilting fabrics on the line.

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