Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Daily Musings: Magic to the Bone

I miss juggling. I should do it more.
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Date: 10/29/14 1:34 P.M. So pleasant out. I was sitting in the yard with the new black cat on my lap and reading a novel.

Mood: Energized and happy.

Eats: Thinking of making raspberry tarts. And Halloween bat cookies. And cheesecake. There goes the diet.

Fitness: My energy has returned and the cool weather today means I can do hooping without overheating.

Musing: I opted out of going to the knitting gathering today because of the carpooling complications and because I wanted to stay home and read, catch up with art projects and spend time with the new kitty so he won't run away. I also need to deep clean the house, get the woodburning stove ready and winterize the house. And it is almost Halloween and I still have no plans. Ack.
Reading: Trying to read and return all my library books to free up time to do Nanowrimo in Nov. So I'm reading 3 novels at a time. I just started Magic to the Bone by Devon Monk because it is due and I can't renew it since they fetched it from another library with different renewal rules. I found the Accidental Genie which I'd accidentally lost. I'm halfway through it. And I'm halfway through Night Myst. I sure wish I could read faster.
Fashion Update:  I just need to add the fringe to my new gold scarf.
Fun Fact about me: I like writing cursive.

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