Thursday, October 30, 2014

Daily Musings: Weaving

A weaving shuttle I made from a spatula.

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Date: 10/30/14 7:20 P.M. Thursday

Mood: Productive
Eats: Spaghetti with sausage as soon as I make it.

Fitness: Does walking in circles around my huge yard count?

Musing:  Every time I sit down to work on crafts, the new kitty has to be right in the middle of it all. I don't mind so much if it is just knitting, but when I'm sawing or using a Dremel I don't want a blob of black fur and claws landing in the middle of it all.

Reading: I'm Halfway through with Night Myst which is also by Yasmine Galenorn and I realized another novel was due first so I'm reading that one as well. 

Magic to the Bone

Fashion Update:  The only person who saw me today was my boyfriend. How weird is that? So I didn't do anything as far as fashion goes.

Fun Fact about me: I love to cook comfort foods.
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