Monday, October 20, 2014

Daily Musings: Balloon Art

Hire me to make balloons at your next party.
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Oct. 20, 2014  Monday 9:29 A.M. Perfect California Weather.

Mood:  Worried. I hope my boyfriend's truck is okay. It is our only vehicle right now and it seems to be leaking something.

Eats: I think I will  heat up the leftover pork loin and make scrambled eggs to go with it. And maybe country fried potatoes.

Fitness: Yesterday turned out to be more sitting than walking. Today I have yard work so that should burn some calories.

Musing: I was going to go to pottery today but instead we need to go have the truck looked at. :(

Reading: Now reading The Accidental Genie by Dakota Cassidy. I think it would make a great Sit-com.
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Fun Fact about me: My neighbor is moving to a mobile home park in another state that doesn't allow pets.  She's asked us to take a cat! So now right before Halloween I'll be getting an all black cat. How witchy!

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