Monday, October 27, 2014

Daily Musings: New Fashion Update Thread

Are you ready for Halloween?
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Date: 10/27/14 7:06 P.M. Love autumn in the high desert. What amazing weather.

Mood:  Over 24 hours with the new kitty. I've named  him Houdini.

Eats: Trying out a new BBQ seasoning from Winco on some rotisserie chicken tonight.

Fitness:  I've completely lost interest in fitness.

Musing: My energy is weird lately. I can't seem to get it back on track. I had to go to bed early two nights in a row because I felt sick. Then by morning I'm fine again.

Reading: I finished Witchling and ordered the next book in her series called Changeling. There is one person ahead of me though. So I started reading Night Myst which is also by Yasmine Galenorn, only it is a different vampire series.
Fashion Update: I've decided every day that I should wear one of the things I've made myself, whether it is a necklace, a hat, a pin, some earrings, a vest, or whatever. So I grabbed a necklace I had made from a seashell, only to find my head got fatter! The ribbon wouldn't fit over my head. So I need to be a bit more organized for tomorrow.
Fun Fact about me:I used to teach other teenage girls in my neighborhood dances in my front yard.

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