Thursday, November 13, 2014

Blog Musing: Four Chickens

Four chickens looking for action.

Date: 11/13/14 10:12 A.M. Gusty out. 

Mood: I have mixed emotions today. Sad that my bf is sick. Frustrated that I don't have a car. Happy that I'm knitting a new sweater. Worried because I'm behind on Nanowrimo.
Eats: I whipped up french toast for breakfast.

Fitness: There's that F word again.

Musing:Where did the year go and how can I be almost 57? That's just wrong.

Reading: So happy I finished Faery Reels last night and returned it. The library had the other book I had to re-request. Can't wait to dive back into that one.

Fashion Update: If I could only wear one fashion category the rest of my life, it would have to be boho/gypsy
Fun Facts About Me: I like monkeys, esp. spider monkeys.

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