Sunday, November 16, 2014

Daily Musings: Friends Moving Away

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Date: 11/16/14 5:36 P.M. I'm pretty sure it may freeze tonight so I picked most of the green tomatoes.

Mood: Happy
Eats: Just about to put a chicken in the rotesserie.

Fitness: I threw my back out today. I'm glad the pain finally receeded.

Musing: Sad my newest and just about only friends on my street are moving away. I don't blame them after their house got robbed though. :(

Reading: The Complete Photo Guide to Crochet

Fashion Update: I'm glad the cool weather is giving me a chance to try out the layered look. Today I wore a shirt, a tank top, and a cuddly vest.

Fun Facts About Me: I love to make jewelry out of sparkly things.

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