Monday, November 24, 2014

Monday That's My Fun Day

Wearing green for the fashion challenge.
Date:Mon. 11/24/14 5:40 P.M.

Mood: I woke up so happy to have something to write about today.
Eats: Need to cook some pork that's been thawed awhile.

Fitness: I picked up 4 belly dance instructional videos on sale at the library. 
Musing: I'm so glad that I finally hit my stride with the Nanowrimo challenge. I just hope it is soon enough to catch up.

Reading: I told the librarian I'd requested a book a month ago and she looked into it and there was some sort of glitch, so she found another copy at the Apple Valley library and I'll pick it up tomorrow after pottery class.

Fashion Update: The Internet didn't exist when I was 22 with a decent figure. So now I'm trying to play model when I'm old and fat, which is kind of a drag, but better late than never.

Fun Facts About Me: If Maggie Smith can still be an actress with 60 years in her resume' then I can still have a crack at acting.

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