Saturday, November 15, 2014

Daily Musings: Saturday in Lucerne Valley

This is pretty much what Lucerne Valley, CA looks like. Exciting eh?
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Date: 11/14/14 1:15 P.M. Weather is gusty & a bit chilly.

Mood: Happy
Eats: I just grabbed some corndogs at the Lucerne Market deli.  Yummy.

Fitness: Walking around stores.

Musing: I got a bit of housework done this morning but I was getting cabin fever so I took the truck down to Lucerne Valley. The antique store was having a parking lot sale and that was fun. The building that used to house a country western shop now uses each and every room and closet to set up antique displays. I wish I could make my house look like that. I particularly liked the case full of tatting shuttles, button hooks and a 'nanny pin', a little tube that nannies wore to keep a needle and thread handy. It looked kind of like this: NANNY PIN.

Reading: I got a new journal to write poetry in. And my new place to write poetry is The Grind in Apple Valley, CA. 

Fashion Update: Working on my magenta slouchy cap today. I still think it is going to turn out too big.

Fun Facts About Me: I just had a chocolate and vanilla swirl ice cream cone.

My recently updated blog/s: I'm going to put a blog link on the side bar to the right.

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