Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Daily Musings: Having a Crafty Day

Not too late to book me for December Christmas parties.
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Date: Wednesday 11/26/14 9:48 A.M. Perfect weather.
Mood: Woke up with a headache but feeling much better now.
Eats: I'm going to be cleaning the kitchen today so my boyfriend can make something to take to work on Friday.

Fitness: Everyone keeps suggesting I go for a long hike. I can't really do that with my Achilles tendon injury.

Musing:  I was going to go to town with my boyfriend today to go to the knitting meeting but his schedule got changed and I would have gotten to town 2 hours too early. But now I'm thankful I didn't go because I remembered there is no knitting meeting today because of Thanksgiving vacation. Doh! Now I have time to catch up on my Nanowrimo challenge.

Reading:  It took me a month to get Changling from the library, so now I'm reading it and loving it.

Fashion Update: I want to wear something bright and fun today.

Fun Facts About Me: I'd love to have two dachshunds.

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