Thursday, November 27, 2014

Musings About Gratitude

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Date: THANKSGIVING Thursday 11/27/14 6:49 P.M. Perfect weather.
Mood: I hit the ground running today. I started writing for Nanowrimo right away. I've yet to hit the line once on the chart that shows I'm on track.
Eats: We had ham for dinner. We are having our Turkey Dinner when my boyfriend gets 3 days off so he can enjoy it more.

Fitness: I think it is illegal to work out on Thanksgiving. I did some ring juggling today.

Musing: I told someone I'd written a 500 word essay on gratitude today and he asked if I was clinically depressed. He said that is what depressed people do. I found that utter nonsense. That is what 'law of attraction' people do all the time as well as people that believe in positive affirmations. I think I'm a bit offended by his remark. 

Reading:  It took me a month to get Changling from the library, so now I'm reading it and loving it.

Fashion Update: I thought I'd get all dressed up for Thanksgiving. But then I realized i wasn't going anywhere but the park so I just dressed casually.

Fun Facts About Me:  I love petting zoos.
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