Sunday, November 23, 2014

Daily Musings From Lucerne Valley, CA

Date: Sat. 11/23/14 7:51 A.M.

Mood: Glad it is the weekend.
Eats: Time to go to town and get groceries.

Fitness: Let's see if the wind cooperates. I wish there was a gym in Lucerne Valley.
Musing: I keep dreaming that I'm traveling and screw everything up. Last night I dreamed I got off the right bus and was about to get on the wrong bus and then ended up stranded in the middle of a strange city.

Reading: I need to finish Accidental Genie.

Fashion Update: I thought I was going to get by with wearing leggings today but it is too cold out. Wish I still had that thigh length sweater tunic that I used to own. Maybe it is time to make a new one.

Fun Facts About Me: I was an extra on a TV show called It's a Living.

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