Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Daily Musings: I Could Use More Joy in my Life

Working on my weaving today.
Date: Tuesday 11/18/14 4:24 P.M. Frost damage is minimal, but winter is definitely on the way to the desert.

Mood: Troubled
Eats: My boyfriend wants to go to Rock's Place for pizza tonight. Fine by me.

Fitness: I should be working out right now.

Musing: A bit of bad financial news, but it hopefully is just a temporary setback.

Reading: Magic to the Bone

Fashion Update: Just finished the first 8 days of my 3 month fashion challenge.  See my fashion blog below for more details.

Fun Facts About Me: I love to thrift stores and bargain shopping.

My recently updated blog/s: http://fashionsbyfayme.blogspot.com/
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