Sunday, November 2, 2014

Daily Musings: Bow Benches

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Date: Nov. 2, 2014 11:30 A.M. Sunday
Mood: Excited to have company. It's not even my company but I'm still excited. My boyfriend and his friend are making bow benches in the yard. That is a bench used for making archery bows.
Eats: Some blah food at Del Taco.

Fitness: Chasing the chickens trying to give them some worms?

Musing:  It is great to be hanging out with writers again. Yesterday was the Nanowrimo launch party in Apple Valley at a very cool used bookstore I'd never been inside before. And all their non-fiction is half off throughout Nov. so I bought some craft books and some writing guides. Can't wait to play with my new books. Today I've already writing 5 pages for my novel.

Reading: I'm Halfway through with Night Myst which is also by Yasmine Galenorn and I realized another novel was due first so I'm reading that one as well. 

Magic to the Bone

Fashion Update:  I'm really interested in scarves with hoods right now.

Fun Fact about me: I just found out one of my belly dancing teachers, Mesmera, has been in a bunch of TV shows. That's more of a fun fact about her, but I've been in It's a Living as an Extra. I didn't get to belly dance though. I was cast as a token 'fat person'.
Houdini playing in his tower.

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