Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Daily Musings: Creative Mode With Pottery

I spent 3 hours glazing pots yesterday. The orange on the pot above will turn green when fired.

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Date: 11/5/14 8:18 A.M. Chilly nights and mornings. Brrr.
Mood: Happy that it's knitting meeting day at Fanciwerks. Yay!
Eats: My bf made me bacon. Must be love.

Fitness: These boots were made for walking.

Musing: Each day you are a brand new person. Each day you can let go of the past and start a new future.

Reading: Night Myst.

Fashion Update:  I'm knitting a fox cowl.

Fun fact about me: I've given up Facebook for a month to work on my nano novel.

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