Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Daily Musing: Raffia Hair

Raffia hair. Me being goofy.

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Date: 11/11/14 8 A.M. A bit breezy but mostly nice.

Mood:Way better than yesterday
Eats: I visited Cafe 247 for a chicken fried steak breakfast.

Fitness: Ack, I forgot.

Musing: I just read a short story about how fairies siphon off your dreams. What a spooky and strange concept. Maybe that is why some people can't remember their dreams.

Reading: Almost done with Faery Reel. Two stories left.

Fashion Update: Started a new '90 day challenge...a different outfit each day and you can't buy anything new. Thrifted and vintage items are OK though. Today I wore my burgundy skirt and a striped burgundy t-shirt. But I never got around to taking a photo.

Fun Facts About Me: I used to go on motorcycle rides with my Uncle.

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